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We specialize in clear-cut deals that consistently put your best interests first. We believe this standard is simply non-negotiable.



Not just for a deal but for decades - we value the many longstanding relationships with of our clients.



We stay current on market trends, regulations and other factors to safeguard our clients' success.

Success is the


In the Lancaster market, success isn’t about chance—it’s about smart, informed decisions. With our finger on the pulse of real-time data and our deep understanding of the rules that drive commercial real estate, we’re equipped to identify and seize the opportunities that others might miss.

Let’s navigate this diverse landscape together, leveraging hard facts and sharp insights to turn every opportunity into your next big win.

The PPM Team

Profitability in commercial real estate is not just found—it’s meticulously built through strategy and expertise.


Showcase your retail property to spotlight all the right details.  We work to optimize your exposure along with your leasing or selling strategy for exceptional results.


Showcase your restaurant space in a way that stands out in the market. We’ll highlight its distinctive features,  making sure it catches the eye of savvy restaurateurs looking for something special.


Market your office property with a focus on its efficient layout and strategic location to attract quality tenants or buyers.


Leverage your property’s logistical strengths and versatility to optimize the results of your sale.


Whether its sales, acquisitions and 1031 exchange, lean on data to develop a beautiful portfolio of profitable investment properties.  

Buyer/tenant Rep

Finding the right location to launch your vision is pivotal to the success of your business.  Let us help you find your perfect space. 

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Competitive Edge

Local Focus

One of PPM’s key strengths is our tight focus on the area we know best: Lancaster County. We are active in commercial leasing and sales. To refine the focus even further, we generally restrict our real estate leasing and sales to the Lancaster County area. The simple reason is our familiarity with the locale, the types of enterprises it attracts, and the prevailing attitudes and sensibilities of its business community. PPM also enjoys being directly involved with local planning, including retail and business growth in our unique City. We pride ourselves on contributing to growth in small and large businesses alike in the downtown area.


A natural result of our local focus is that we’re very much “tuned-in” to the actual needs of our real estate clients, the condition of buildings, and the need for both preventive and corrective maintenance. This intangible, combined with our extensive background and sterling reputation, has led to direct referrals and repeat business. In fact, we’ve never advertised for new business. We’ve maintained a low-key, word-of-mouth approach to building PPM, one that allows us to select clients and properties carefully and develop high comfort levels in our working relationships.

Our Team

Decades of feedback reflect our success in delivering exceptional professional services with the highest quality of care to all our clients. Our team works together on all of our listings to ensure we check every box and account for all the details. 

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Licensed Agent

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Leading the way in cre


Over 30 years Experience in Lancaster, County's commercial real estate

Founded in 1990, by Tracy Lin Horst, Progressive Property Management, Inc. quickly expanded to include PPM Real Estate, Inc., catering to client needs in buying, selling, and leasing. Our growth has been propelled organically through client referrals and anchored in integrity, client loyalty, and continuous learning. Driven by our client base, we’ve effortlessly expanded in sales and leasing in the Lancaster County market.

Our full-service approach and comprehensive knowledge in this field give us and our clients the competitive edge.